Call for Abstract

2nd International Conference on Biomarkers and Cancer Targets, will be organized around the theme “Current researches on Biomarkers and Cancer ”

Cancer Targets 2020 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in Cancer Targets 2020

Submit your abstract to any of the mentioned tracks.

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  • Track 1-1 Imaging Biomarkers
  • Track 1-2 Clinical Biomarkers
  • Track 1-3Molecular Biomarkers
  • Track 1-4Cell Free Biomarkers
  • Track 2-1Chemotherapy
  • Track 2-2Hormone Therapy
  • Track 2-3Cancer immunotherapy
  • Track 2-4Precision Medicine
  • Track 3-1Antineoplastic therapy
  • Track 3-2 Apoptosisradiation
  • Track 3-3Neoplasia
  • Track 3-4MDR and Calcium Channel Blockers
  • Track 4-1 Predictive Cancer Biomarkers
  • Track 4-2Acute Myeloid Leukemia
  • Track 4-3Follicular Lymphoma
  • Track 4-4Cancer Drugs Metabolism
  • Track 5-1Anti-Metabolite Drugs
  • Track 5-2HMT Inhibitors
  • Track 5-3Transcriptomes
  • Track 5-4Apoptosis
  • Track 6-1Differential (chemo)proteomics for cancer research
  • Track 6-2PTM analysis
  • Track 6-3Biomarker Identification.
  • Track 6-4Proteomics in biofilm formation
  • Track 7-1Colorectal cancer
  • Track 7-2DNA Methylation
  • Track 7-3Epigenetics and Cancer
  • Track 7-4Epigenetics and gene interaction
  • Track 8-1Anticipatory Grieving
  • Track 8-2Bone marrow transplant
  • Track 8-3Oncology Nurse Education
  • Track 9-1Cryoablation
  • Track 9-2Genome sequencing
  • Track 9-3Mesothelioma
  • Track 9-4Hyperplasia
  • Track 10-1Autoimmune infection
  • Track 10-2Oncology APN
  • Track 10-3Primary palliative care
  • Track 10-4Molecular Targeted Therapy